Butterfly Balance Board - 100% Safe, Natural & Eco-Friendly
Butterfly Balance Board - 100% Safe, Natural & Eco-Friendly
Butterfly Balance Board - 100% Safe, Natural & Eco-Friendly
Butterfly Balance Board - 100% Safe, Natural & Eco-Friendly

Butterfly Balance Board - 100% Safe, Natural & Eco-Friendly

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The Product

This vibrant, rainbowcoloured Butterfly kids' balance board can be used to balance, wobble or jiggle on it and improve balance and coordination.
Builds leg strength. Enhances gross motor skills.
Encourages physical activity and pretend play.
Butterfly kids balance board can be used outdoors or indoors, is perfect for any size feet and provides hours of entertainment for all ages.

Product specifications:

Description: A fun game for all ages

Child Safe Design, Skill Development, NonToxic Colours, BPA Free, EcoFriendly

Materials: Pine wood and plywood. Coloured with safe, waterbased paints. safe and ecofriendly option for your kids

Suitable for ages: 3+

Dimensions (cms): 48 x 42 x 12

Weight: 3kg

Partner Story

The entrepreneur behind Shumee Toys is Meeta Sharma Gupta. Meeta could solve most problems but struggled to figure out how to keep her little boys engaged in activities that were safe and fun. Good toys were hard to find in India. The ones in the market were plastic, unimaginative or simply too expensive. Every time she travelled abroad, Meeta stuffed her bags with toys that her kids would enjoy without creating a bunch of trash. Eventually, she grew tired and decided to solve the problem for good. She located toymakers in India and worked with them to design toys that were nontoxic, fun and useful.The results were great. Not only did her boys love them, so did their friends! 
Meeta decided to spread the cheer. And Shumee was born. The onestop for ecofriendly, educational toys you can trust.

Your Impact

Most children's toys are flimsy throwaways made of plastic toys and chemical dyes. By opting for alternatives made of natural materials and safe nontoxic dyes, you're investing in something durable and ecofriendly that your children can enjoy for years. They stimulate a child's development in all areas while also instilling an appreciation of the environment among the younger generation at a tender age.

Why we like it

Shumee toys are designed to encourage children to understand their own potential and skills, as well as explore the world around them. They offer just enough stimulation to a child without suffocating her/ his imagination, creativity and selfexpression. We love that they are crafted from natural materials that connect children to nature from a young age.

Shazia says

I love the simple and beautiful design of these toys which keep my daughter engaged for hours. I am happy knowing that once she outgrows them, I can pass them on to other children, unlike the plastic toys which have a very short life.

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