Handmade Ubtan Soap For Kids, 100g
Handmade Ubtan Soap For Kids, 100g
Handmade Ubtan Soap For Kids, 100g
Handmade Ubtan Soap For Kids, 100g
Handmade Ubtan Soap For Kids, 100g

Handmade Ubtan Soap For Kids, 100g

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The Product

Here's the means to a fun bath that your tiny tot cannot refuse! Made with the goodness of Chandan and Haldi, this soap comes in various fun shapes and will be gentle on your baby's skin. This handmade soap is free from any harmful chemicals, ensuring that your baby gets only the best treatment!

Product Specifications:

Product description: Ubtan Fun Handmade Soap For Kids, 100g
Package contains: Pack of 1 Ubtan Fun Handmade Soap For Kids, 100g
Ingredients: Haldi powder, Chandan powder, glycerin soap base, Chandan Essential Oil
Package Dimensions (cm): 9 x 6.5 x 3
Weight: 100g

Your Impact

By opting for this handmade, natural product, you are giving your tiny tot the best and safest treatment. As this product is made by women, you are also helping to promote entrepreneurship among Indian women. You are also doing your bit for the environment, as the natural ingredients in the soap won't cause water or soil pollution. Give your little one a daily bath in this soap to keep their skin clean and smelling of Chandan and Haldi.

Why We Like It

We believe that your baby deserves the best! When you have natural alternatives, why should you expose your little one's delicate skin to chemicals on a day to day basis through the regular soaps? Handmade with love by mothers using natural ingredients, this product can give the best for your baby's skin. 

Reethu says

End the bathwar with your baby using this attractive soap! With this, you no longer have to worry about exposing your baby's skin to harmful chemicals.

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