Lavender Body Butter, 150g
Lavender Body Butter, 150g
Lavender Body Butter, 150g
Lavender Body Butter, 150g
Lavender Body Butter, 150g

Lavender Body Butter, 150g

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The Product

Getting exposed to all the dirt and pollution outside takes the life out of your skin, leaving it dull, dry and prone to blackheads. It's time to pamper your skin by moisturizing it using a natural moisturizer like the Lavender Body Butter from Callesta, enriched with natural butters and essential oils.

This product can help keep your skin hydrated all day long and make it look younger, supple and softer.

This handmade moisturizer is free from any harmful chemicals and preservatives, ensuring that your skin gets only the best treatment!

Product Specifications

Product description: Lavender Body Butter, 150g
Package contains: Pack of 1 Lavender Body Butter, 150g
Ingredients: Lavender essential oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil, glycerin, and vitamin E
Package Dimensions (cm): 10.1 x 7.6 x 7.6
Weight: 150g

Your Impact

By opting for this handmade, natural product, you are giving your skin the best treatment. You are also doing your bit in promoting women entrepreneurship, as this product is made by women.

Why We Like It

We believe that your skin deserves the best! When you have natural alternatives, why should you expose yourself to chemicals on a day to day basis through the regular moisturizers? Handmade with love by mothers using natural ingredients, this product can give the best for your skin. 

Reethu says

Pamper yourself to the goodness of nature through this natural moisturizer enriched with fragrant essential oils and natural butters. You no longer have to worry about exposing your skin to harmful chemicals.

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