Raw, Natural Litchi Honey, 500g
Raw, Natural Litchi Honey, 500g
Raw, Natural Litchi Honey, 500g

Raw, Natural Litchi Honey, 500g

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The Product

Add it to smoothies, yoghurt, breakfast cereals, cake batters and fillings. Spread it on toast or in a chapatti roll; on hot waffles, pancakes and ice-cream. Soothe a cough with a teaspoonful of this Litchi honey. Honey adds flavour to salad dressings, meat and veggie marinades, roasts and grills. It's great added into face packs and scrubs too so go ahead and give yourself an indulgent spa treatment at home!

Product specifications

Product description: Litchi Honey, 500g
Package contains: Pack of 1 Litchi Honey, 500g
Ingredients: Raw Natural Lichi Honey
Dimensions (cm): 15cm x 10cm x 10cm 
Weight: 500g

Your Impact

Honey is an almost indispensable part of your daily life. Addition of natural ginger flavour boosts the health benefits of honey. By opting for this product, you are choosing the tasty path to a healthy life!

You are also doing your bit in promoting small farmers and harvesters, as the makers of this product aim to bring products from small farmers and harvesters into the market. Isn't it amazing that by buying one product you are helping to achieve so much? 

Why We Like It

While readily available, most honey that you get is loaded with preservatives. This honey is the perfect way to lead a healthy life without compromising on taste. With this product, indulge yourself in some honey infused with the goodness of ginger, without exposing your body to harmful preservatives.

This product also helps to provide a larger market to small farmers and harvesters, and we think that's great!

Serene Says

Having the same old honey on a daily basis could be quite boring, this honey makes for an awesome change! Add it into your green tea or enjoy it over your morning cereal for a yummy breakfast.

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