Organic Maize Flour from the Himalayas, 500g
Organic Maize Flour from the Himalayas, 500g
Organic Maize Flour from the Himalayas, 500g
Organic Maize Flour from the Himalayas, 500g
Bakri Chhap

Organic Maize Flour from the Himalayas, 500g

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The Product 

Give your favourite breakfast a healthy makeover with this roasted maize flour! Maize is a rich source of Carbohydrates, Minerals, Vitamins, Proteins, and Iron and can be used as a flour for most Indian breakfast items. Now enjoy delicious Roti, Upma, Pathiri or Puttu in a new avatar.  With no added preservatives or chemicals, it is 100% natural!

Product Specifications

Product Description: Maize Flour
Package contains: 1 Packet of Maize Flour
Package Dimensions (cm): 14cm x 9.5cm x14cm 
Weight: 500g

Your Impact

Bakri Chaap works to build market linkages for small and micro farmers of Uttarakhand (about 1000 of them) to create a market for their produce - mostly indigenous crops on the verge of extinction. Native varieties of millet, pulses and grains promote regional biodiversity since they are suited to the local micro-climate and are grown using natural techniques and permaculture principles. This means they are intrinsically eco-friendly because they require less water and fertiliser to grow. These grains are naturally nutrient-rich since they are rain- or spring-fed and fertilised with natural manure. The local population is also trained in natural ways of cleaning, processing and packing the produce. The efforts of Bakri Chaap have stemmed out-migration of small farmers who until recently abandoned their lands and moved to towns and cities in search of wage labour. 

Why We Like It

We believe that you deserve the best! This protein food is the perfect way to ensure that you take in the required amount of protein daily. It is free from any harmful preservatives and chemicals. And we think that's amazing! 

Serene Says

Staying healthy just got easier with this protein food! The best part is you no longer have to worry about exposing yourself to harmful chemicals or preservatives!

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