Triwizard Chess - India's First Chess for Three Players
Triwizard Chess - India's First Chess for Three Players
Triwizard Chess - India's First Chess for Three Players
Triwizard Chess - India's First Chess for Three Players
Triwizard Chess - India's First Chess for Three Players
Triwizard Chess

Triwizard Chess - India's First Chess for Three Players

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The Product

Triwizard Chess, India's first Chess for three players, is simply Chess for three players with none of the original rules altered and exact same pieces for each player. This game is of Chess lovers, by Chess lovers and for Chess lovers! Triwizard Chess board size is 24 inch x 24 inch, its base is sunboard, and the pieces are solid plastic. Chess is believed to be originated from our India, so Chess for three players should originate from India. You can now challenge two of your friends to play Chess with you. A game full of strategy where you can test your survival and killer instincts. One player can checkmate two players at once!

Three player chess combines all of the many variations of the traditional game and adds some complex psychological elements, too. Alliances are formed and broken among players and a spirit of conquering and winning is encouraged. It requires players to be focused  not only on attacking and protecting his/her own pieces but also on protecting the player threatened by the third one.

More intense than regular chess and more fun, this is perfect for classrooms, family days and game nights with friends.

Product specifications:

Package dimenions (cms): 62.3 x 62.1 x 5.7

Weight: 1.45kg

Package includes:

  • 62cm x 62cm game board made of sunboard
  • 3 x 16 solid plastic chess pieces
  • Rule book

For ages: 7+

Partner story

The idea of Triwizard Chess was developed by Aditya and Ashish Nigam, IIT alumni and avid chess fan who wanted to reinvent the classic, muchloved game and revolutionize the gaming industry. The idea behind this game was to encourage chess among youngsters by increasing the number of players.

Ever since I started playing Chess in my kindergarten, there were number of occasions when somebody and I were playing Chess and my brother or a friend was just watching the game. Even though he or she eagerly wanted to play. Sometimes it was me watching the game, eagerly wanting to play. (Has this ever happened to you?) I have always wondered since then if three people can play Chess at the same time. It was this desire that led me to Triwizard Chess, Chess for three players. Aditya Nigam

Involving 3 players changes the entire dynamics of the game and makes it far more exciting. Each of the three players can view each other's' moves on the board and make a decision accordingly. So far, more than 100 contestants participated in the first Triwizard Chess tournament hosted by the IITRourkee in August 2018. 

Why we like it

It is only right that a game that originated in India is redesigned in an innovative, new and superexciting avatar by Indians! Triwizard Chess is a complex game that improves concentration, focus and attention span. It also encourages critical thinking, hones patience and increases a person's overall cognitive development. This makes it a great game for anyone, especially young children. 

Tanvi says

If you are a chess lover, then this game is for you! And not one, but two of your favourite opponents! It packs more punch, twice the fun and thrill of the classic and promises to sharpen your strategies, tactics, and endgames. Flex your chess brain today!

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