Water-Saving AirOxy Shower Head (Blue)
Water-Saving AirOxy Shower Head (Blue)
Water-Saving AirOxy Shower Head (Blue)
Water-Saving AirOxy Shower Head (Blue)
Water-Saving AirOxy Shower Head (Blue)
Water-Saving AirOxy Shower Head (Blue)

Water-Saving AirOxy Shower Head (Blue)

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The Product

This cool watersaving shower head easily fits on to your shower to save upto 60% of the water that would have otherwise been used with a regular shower! It can easily be retrofitted onto most standard showers, with no compromise on your bathing experience. It can mix air with water to spray water effectively and maintain equivalent water pressure compared to regular shower heads. So you don't have to compromise on your showering experience. The best part? Its easy DIY installation means you can do it all without waiting endlessly for a plumber. One device to save time and water!

Now, save on your water bill, and help conserve the Earth's most precious resources!


Saves up to 60% water compared to regular showers

Max flow 8L/M at 3 bar pressure 

Mixes Air+Water in Rain Flow 

Air+Water technology makes water droplets plumper, lighter and softer. Now you can have the same relaxing bathing experience with less water

Removable water restrictor for ultimate shower experience. 

Easy to clean tips, antiscale material.

Engineering Grade Plastics

Nonrecycled rubber nozzles prevent hard water and minerals from building up.

Antilimescale design 

Universal showering component with standard G 1/2 connector that fits most shower arms.

This shower head dispenses less water than regular shower heads, the flow rates are regulated as per green building norms.

Package contains: Single WaterSaving AirOxy Shower Head (Black)

Dimensions (cms): 7 x 11 x 11

Weight: 154g

A water efficient showerhead can save more than just water it can also save you money on bills and reduce your energy consumption!

Using a water efficient showerhead can generate great savings on your energy bill and help the environment at the same time. Long, full force showers might be relaxing, but did you know that in an average home, showers are typically the third largest water use after toilets and clothes washers? An average 10minute shower with a standard shower head uses a minimum of 50 litres of water. Choosing the right shower head can make all the difference to your water consumption. With an efficient shower head, you can significantly reduce your water consumption while still enjoying a revitalising bathing experience. Not only is this good for the environment and future generations, it will reduce your household bill too. 

By using a more efficient shower, you not only reduce your water consumption, but you'll save energy too! How? Using less water means less energy is required to heat the water, so the benefits are twofold.

Eco365 AirOxy shower uses unique technology to infuse air with water and bring efficiency in bathing, whilst also saving water. By reducing the flow of water, it helps you cut down your water usage by a whopping 60%!

Why we like it

Of course, the answer to the current water crisis is not always shorter showers. Your shower head matters, too and we just cannot shower enough praise on this revolutionary way of saving water. The easy installation and powerful spray make it easy to adopt and gives you the same bathing experience as regular high pressure shower heads. As summer approaches and the threat of dry taps looms low, this is a device every smart, responsible home of the future must have.

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