Wild Honey - Biodiversity series (Nilgiris Tahr), 500g
Wild Honey - Biodiversity series (Nilgiris Tahr), 500g
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Wild Honey - Biodiversity series (Nilgiris Tahr), 500g

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The Product

Be it as a spread on your bread or a spoonful or two in your tea/coffee, who doesn't love some good old honey! Honey is attributed to numerous health benefits and is a musthave in all households. This wild honey is collected from hives of the Giant Rock Bee, in the Nilgiris, making it natural and pure. This honey comes packed in a special corked jar with designs inspired by the wildlife in the Nilgiris or the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve(NBR), making it a great gifting option.

This pack features Nilgiri Tahr (Nilgiritragus hylocrius), locally known as varai aadu or cliff goat. This endemic goat is limited to only 2000 numbers in the wild and now face extinction due to genetic isolation, specialized habitat requirements and low reproductive rates.

Product specifications:

Product description: Wild Honey Biodiversity series (Nilgiris Tahr), 500g
Package contains: Pack of 1 Wild Honey Biodiversity series (Nilgiris Tahr), 500g
Ingredients: Wild Raw Honey
Package Dimensions (cm): 25 x 2.5 x 25
Weight: 450g

Your Impact

Honey is an almost indispensable part of your daily life. This wild honey is organic, natural and free from any adulterations. By opting for this product, you are choosing the tasty path to a healthy life! By choosing this as a gift, you will be inspiring your friends and family to adopt healthy and ecofriendly gifting ideas.

You are also doing your bit in promoting small farmers and harvesters, as the makers of this product aim to bring products from small farmers and harvesters into the market. Isn't it amazing that by buying one product you are helping to achieve so much? Give yourself a pat on the back!

Why We Like It

While readily available, most honey that you get is loaded with preservatives. With this product, indulge yourself in some wild honey, without exposing your body to harmful preservatives.

This product also helps to provide a larger market to small farmers and harvesters, and we think that's great!

Reethu Says

This limited edition honey with the gorgeous designs on the bottle makes it apt for gifting to your loved ones. The wild animal featured on the cover also helps to spread awareness, making this a unique and environmentalconscious gifting option.

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