Periods mark the beginning of womanhood. And yet, we lower our voices when the word ‘period’ comes up in a conversation. We even make extra efforts to stealthily slide a sanitary napkin into our bags, and find this act of secrecy extremely normal. And here lies the problem. But that’s not all. An even bigger problem lies in the very fact that we, the strong, independent, new-age women who like to be in total control of our lives, never question the ingredients of our sanitary pads.

Let’s face it, menstruation is still a topic deemed unfit for discussion in an open forum.

We created Carmesi to fight this stigma. Because it’s this stigma attached to Periods that keeps women from finding out more about it. We are here to make periods a topic of conversation and give women a stage to question and discover every aspect of it. Our mission is to normalize periods and take  the shame out of menstruation. Starting right from our name which means crimson, the colour of blood. This, we believe, is a big step up from the blue liquid still soaking up our TV screens.

We are here to create a better, safer future for women. A future where conversations about periods don’t happen in hushed corners.

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