Contents: Water Saving adaptor nozzle for taps (pack of 1, 2 or 3)

Dimensions: 22mm

Water Saving Aerator

Water Saving Adaptor 

Eco365 aerator or adapter is an innovative water saving solutions for washbasin & sink taps or faucets. It reduces water wastage up to 80% on taps, saving you money on your water bills. Installation of these aerators is easy (no need of plumber). The flow rate of the aerator is 3 LPM (Litres Per Minute), and the 22mm nozzle is compatible with the majority of tap brands. Anti Clogging Screen filters remove sediment/debris, and the nozzles are created with a scale resistant material.

Save on your water bill! Save the environment!


Eco365 water efficient fixtures help you save water, money & go green. Water efficient fixture is a
proven concept and practiced by green buildings worldwide. Eco365 fixtures are easy to install, results
in immediate savings & quick ROI. Eco365 has already helped 2000+ properties save 500+ crore liters of
water.   We are an ISO certified company and an active member of IGBC (Indian green building council).

Leaky faucets waste thousands of litres of fresh water each year, It’s a costly mistake for your wallet and the environment which needs to be avoided. While we focus on these situations only in institutions & offices, these tips can also apply to homes & apartment to cut costs and save water. Aerating filters combat this by reducing water flow by upto 80% while maintaining a great washing experience.

One of the worlds biggest scarcities - the lack of drinking water, is looming up on us faster than we think!  It's really up to each one of us to conserve this resource and use it as responsibly as possible.  With water saving devices, you can cut down water usage for washing and bathing dramatically,  allowing it to be used in a responsible, sustainable manner.

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