Phool Classic Incense Collection made with Temple Flowers by HelpUsGreen

This beautiful collection of incense sticks and cones, with 4 different fragrances, is a lovely gift for yourself and your loved ones. This whole pack is made of upcycled and recycled materials and can be your way of doing your bit for the environment!

Phool Classic Box of Change includes of incense sticks made of 4 fresh and earthy herbs:
Tulsi, the Exilir of Life.
Patchouli, the soother of mind.
Vetiver, the rejuvenator.
Loban, the transcendental.

Why we like them

These eco-friendly, pure and natural incense sticks are not just a medley of divine aromas, but they prevent used flowers from temples and other places of worship from polluting our rivers. They also provide a viable income to over a hundred women, who hand-roll each stick individually, and pack them with great care for you.

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