Daadi Native game

Dadi -A board game that puts your skills in strategy and planning to test! Developed in the country of much diversity, this game is called Navakankari in Sanskrit and Nine Mens Morris Board in the western world. This eco-friendly board is hand-stitched and finished to perfection, letting you enjoy the game to its extreme best! Sewed in Raw silk and woven with the finest fabric, Dadi is the irresistible board game youve got to own in your gaming rooms.

Crafted in Raw silk:
The exotic and quintessential fabric of raw silk darts its origin way back to the Indus Valley Civilization. Its smooth and rich silk is non-slippery and strongest of its kind. Raw silk is reputed to be the finest and delicate form of fabric was the appealing choice of Ancient Living in the making of its most-loved games!

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