Pachisi Native game

Pachisi, known as Chaupad in Hindi, Pagade in Kannada, Parcheesi in English, Sokkattan in Tamil, Pagdi Pat in Marathi – is an invention of medieval India. The game has been a been traditionally played for centuries, and features often in Indian mythology. It’s the mother game of several board games that followed; a game that captured the attention of Akbar – a devoted player of Pachisi!

Hand-stitched by Raw silk and woven with the finest fabric, this board lives up to the grandeur of the game, leaving you to time-travel to the days of kings and courtyards.

Crafted in Raw silk:

This exotic and quintessential fabric darts its origin way back to the Indus Valley Civilization. Its smooth and rich silk is non-slippery and strongest of its kind. Reputed to be the finest and delicate form of fabric, it was the appealing choice of Ancient Living in the making of its most-loved games!

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